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Sake Master Class

Our Sake Master Class is perfect for anyone who loves sake, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a sake geek. We’ll teach you all the basics, let you try different styles, and even show you how to pair sake with cheese and chocolate. Come hang out with us and let’s have some fun exploring the world of sake!

Join us for a private 2-hour sake class where you’ll get to experience three different styles of sake (60ml each) paired with delicious cheese and chocolate.

For groups of three or more, it’s only $75 per person, and for a pair of two, it’s $85 per person. Book your spot now and get ready for a unique and enjoyable experience!

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Introductory Sake Professional

The Introductory Sake Professional course is the first step to entering the Sake Sommelier world.


Certified Sake Sommelier

The Certified Sake Sommelier is a fantastic way to further expand your career in the sake service industry.


Advanced Sake Sommelier

The Advanced Sake Sommelier course takes place in Japan. This trip offers a unique insider’s view of the country.


Master Sake Sommelier

Perfect for all students who believe they have what it takes to make themselves stand out on the world stage.


Master Sake Making

The Master of Sake program is the first of its kind, offering a full, in brewery, education on how to become a sake brewer.


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